We are launching a “Get to Know Your MSJDN Board” series where each week we will feature one of MJSDN’s board members so you can get to know us better! To kick it off is MSJDN President Katherine Lee Goyette: 

Name: Katherine Lee Goyette, President
Current Duty Station: Fort Campbell, KY
Former Duty Stations: Fort Sill, OK (twice), Fort Knox, KY, Fort Carson, CO
Spouse: Matt, field artilleryman
Day job: Tax appeals hearing examiner
Hometown: Albuquerque, NM (below: family photo in ABQ with Mom (Heyoung, medical director), Dad (Jon- retired LEO), Brother (Walker- sells airplane parts; private pilot) and Sister-in-Law (Sophie- PR, speaks 6 languages). Other photo: Goyette ladies! Marie (middle); Rachel (right).
Hobbies: Cycling, triathlons, flying cross-country with a lap child; toddler art classes in downtown Nashville
# law licenses: 4 (two military spouse licenses thanks to MSJDN!)
Currently reading: Brief Answers to the Big Questions, by Steven Hawking
Music: 90’s alternative
Podcast: No Such Thing as a Fish (British)
Joined MSJDN: 2014, in a state that didn’t have a rule accommodation AND DOES NOW!
Why MSJDN is important to me: I’ve maintained a career in two states only because MSJDNers before me paved the way to obtain rule accommodations and encourage local bars to understand the military spouse attorney perspective. Our MSJDN community is a community of SUPPORT– and that’s what I’ve found to be most important in balancing a legal career and a military lifestyle
Fun fact: The U.S. Department of State rejected my daughter’s photo (below) on a passport application because her eyes were closed (not because she was screaming). At the end of 2018, she will have visited half the US states, and 2 countries.






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