In 2013, the Military Spouse JD Network began an annual survey of military spouses to gather information on licensing, employment, PCSing, and other important issues for military spouse attorneys. This year’s Annual Military Spouse Attorney Survey marks the sixth round of collection of this critical information, providing increased opportunities to compare data and trends over the years.

The survey was established because, as we push for licensing changes and increased employment opportunities, we are often asked to provide details  and statistics about military spouses in the legal profession. Although we can extrapolate some data about military families from Department of Defense and Labor statistics and other sources, this information is not tailored enough to serve the needs of our organization. In order to meet the needs of MSJDN and our members, we began the survey of our community to gather information on licensing, employment, PCSing, and other important issues for military spouse attorneys.

All military spouse law students and attorneys are invited to participate – whether dating, engaged or married; active duty, guard, reserve, or veteran; employed or unemployed – whatever your situation is, we want to hear from all those we represent as we work to remove the licensing and employment barriers faced by our community. The survey takes approximately 5 minutes and collects data on licensing and re-licensing issues, student loan debt, family separations, career interruptions, and much more. Answers are anonymous and MSJDN membership is not required to complete the survey.

Interested in seeing how the results are used? Check out the reports from previous years. Our state licensing team relies on this information as they interact with the local legal communities in each state during discussions and implementation of military spouse attorney licensing accommodations. Our grants team utilizes the information when applying for funds for MSJDN programs like Making the Right Moves and Justice for Military Families. Our Homefront to Hired team shares the information with employers and organizations interested in hiring military spouse attorneys.

The Annual Survey is a critical piece of MSJDN’s successes. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey and share with any military spouse law students or attorneys in your network!

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